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högt i tak

Från sophiefreden, 22 apr 2009
Heter "högt i tak", syftande på ett öppet diskussionklimat möjligen något så svengelst som "high in the ceiling" eller finns det något annat uttryck
Tack på förhand
Från simon_davitt, 22 apr 2009
I will be interested in this one.
Is it "open to the floor"?
Från Johnaldinho, 23 apr 2009
jag skulle vilja säga "roomy" eller "spacey"
Från jes6ica, 23 apr 2009
Well, I believe högt i tak, in this context, means that you, or anyone, can express your opinion freely without having to consider rules or protocols, formal structure, etc.
But open to the floor, while it means that anyone in the room can now express an opinion, still has a lot of structure and rules behind it. First, the subject has to be declared open to the floor, and then anyone who wants to say anything still has to raise their hand and be called upon before they can speak (at least in the formal sense of the phrase, like in political debates, etc.).
So, I think those are really similar, and yet not quite the same nuances. I suppose if I were to pick something for högt i tak, I'd call it an open discussion, or an unstructured discussion.
Från simon_davitt, 23 apr 2009
Hi jes6ica, Thanks for that explanation.
"open discussion" certainly seems the best option.
Från LenPet, 23 apr 2009
A friend of mine pointed out that Swedish also uses "högt i tak" i phrases like "Glädjen stod högt i tak" meaning everyone was extremely happy. I can´t think of an adequate phrase in English at the moment. Help please!
Från simon_davitt, 24 apr 2009
"Raise the roof" , "lift the rafters" . "to the rafters"
There are several expressions and it very much depends on the context.
Från LenPet, 24 apr 2009
Thanks Simon.
Yes, you'd say "The fans raised the roof when Walcott scored" (sorry, I've been a Gunner since I was a teenager!)
or "Their cheering lifted the rafters."
But I'm not sure how close we can get to "Glädjen stod högt i tak"
Everybody was so happy that the noise lifted the rafters/ raised the roof?
Från simon_davitt, 24 apr 2009
A classic match on Tuesday! The result left us both disappointed and only those verminous Manchester mob benefit. I am one of those 'mickey mousers'. :)
I guess this is just one of those many expressions for which there is no direct and easy translation.
Från swengliska, 24 apr 2009
What about slå klackarna i taket ... kick up one's heels
Från simon_davitt, 24 apr 2009
"slå klackarna i taket" - what a great image!
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